Advanced Diagnostic Principles with Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S.


Level 2 Seminar and Training

Description: “Comprehensive Diagnosis”
Prerequisite Course: Fundamentals of Physiologic Occlusion - Level 1
AGD Subject Code: 730 Oral Medicine/Oral Diagnosis, 200 Orofacial Pain, 181 Myofascial Pain Dysfunction, 182 TMJ Disorder/Occlusion, 010 Basic Sciences, 149 Multi-disciplinary Topics, 138 Dental Photography 

Diagnosis - Foundation to Comprehensive Care

"improving patient care . . ."

Comprehensive diagnosis has multiple meanings depending on the clinician’s perspective, but to the gneuromuscular (GNM) minded clinician it means seeing dentistry from a broader perspective of physiologic health rather than a mechanical point of view. Essential information to every clinician's fundamental knowledge base is given to comprehend the "why", "what" and "how's" in the learning an examination process when treating TMD cases.  A philosophy of life and how one views his or her patient’s concerns during the examination process will help distinguish your dental practice from others. An in depth understanding of the etiologies of the many musculoskeletal occlusal signs and symptoms will bring to light aspects of dentistry that are often missed when doing routine exam. Comprehensive dentistry goes beyond, teeth, muscles and joints, but an ability to intuitively correlate symptoms with etiologies, diagnostic casts and radiographs completing the forensic style analysis.

Confidence is built with comprehensive treatment planning that makes sense to the patient. Having this knowledge, perspective, and insightful diagnostic awareness will take the examination process to another level giving the dentist a direction how best to treat.

Level 2 is an interactive course designed to enhance the dentists’ inquiring mind to discover his/her potential. Participants will learn interpretation of TM joint tomography, airway, and cervical neck imaging of the craniomandibular structures. How to document, and gather records to make the diagnosis. Introduction to baseline measurements using EMG, CMS and ESG as additional aids to understand the physical findings will be presented. The highlight of the course is Dr. Chan's demonstration of how to adjust the orthotic.
Course Objectives:
  • Provide the clinician with the confidence to make a sound diagnosis prior to rendering treatment.
  • Giving the clinician precise principles and protocols that are required to complete a comprehensive examination that go beyond the usual and customary examination process.
  • Screening the patient
  • Forensic evaluation and record data gathering process
  • Etiology and meaning of musculoskeletal occlusal signs and symptoms.
  • Radiographic interpretation of tomography, airway and the cervical neck structures to enhance the TMJ evaluation
  • Photography - Importance of the camera and photo documentation
  • Muscle Evaluation using Electromyography (EMG) and EMG Interpretation
  • Introduction to how to adjust the lower anatomical GNM orthosis as a diagnostic aid.
You Will Learn:
You will learn what records to take and what the examination findings mean. In addition you will be introduced to K7 instrumentation and how to incorporate this knowledge with the optimized TENS bite.
  • What to do at the first appointment – “What I do and what I say”.
  • What records are necessary to be a comprehensive professional
  • How to interpret these records and their meaning·
  • How to effective screen your craniomandibular compromised patient
  • What photographs to take
  • How to do a muscle palpation examination
  • How to interpret TMJ, cervical films and cephalograms
  • 15 characteristic problems to avoid in screening your patients – by Dr. Chan
  • Understanding the clinical implications of: 
  • Dental Class I, II, III
  • Skeletal Class I, II, III 
  • Anterior open bite, unilateral and bilateral cross bite 
  • Asymptomatic non-paining TMD patient 
  • Symptomatic paining TMD patient
  • Introduction to K7 diagnostic scans – how to implement it
  • How to schedule for diagnostic K7 work up
  • Implementing the lower anatomical NM orthosis as a diagnostic aid
  • Occlusal adjustments and bite management of the removable orthosis.
  • How to get your patients to see the value and benefits of comprehensive treatment planning.
  • How to handle patients with poor bites who do not have the finances.


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS | The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement


When taking OC’s Masterclass training, you can be assured you are taught the most up to date and clinically relevant techniques, based on sound science, substantiated protocols and proven clinical techniques. Dr. Chan’s GNM teachings have afforded dentist from around the world the ability to implement clinical occlusal techniques that have achieved outstanding results in “real world” dental practices. You will learn, be inspired, become skilled, successful, profitable and confident in integrating these clinically oriented GNM protocols in your dental practice. Dr. Chan's leadership and pioneering role in both “gneuromuscular” (GNM) and neuromuscular (NM) occlusal teachings has been recognized, by his peers, for his ability to deliver outstanding care to his patients as well as present the most advanced principles of dental occlusion and the treatment of TMD patients. More About Dr. Chan

TESTIMONIALS: Read what other dentists hade to say about Level 2 course:

"To all, I just wanted to give kudos to Clayton for being able to adapt his programs to allthat attend. I have had many more NM courses than my fellow students in level 2 yet I left with more knowledge and information that I was able to integrate into daily practice on my return on Monday morning.  Every course I have taken with Clayton over the last 13+ years have made me a better dentist. Thanks so much and looking forward to continuing on my GNM journey. - David Martin, D.D.S., Totowa, NJ

"Clayton, Great level 2 course GNM is 10 steps higher
than NM .Those of you who think OC courses are a rehash of [other NM Training] courses think
again. It's a whole new world of discovery, Clayton brings your level of NM
knowledge to new heights.You will gain a much deeper and profound understanding
of the new revelations in GNM teachings and your knowledge base will expand
exponentially. I am so glad I decided to go on this new and exciting journey
with Clayton. - Tom Streko, D.M.D., Westfield, New Jersey

"Just finished up level 2.  WOW!!  So much information!  But it was absolutely essential information:  the 'why', 'what' and some more 'how' of treating TMD.  Just crucial fundamental knowledge.  What do great coaches and players say and do when things get complicated or hard?  'Get back to fundamentals.'" Robin Y. Kwon, D.D.S., Gresham, OR

"I just came from level 2 . Like usual it was an amazing class. I have learned sooo much that I have to sit down to digest. I love the interpretation about Tomograms, ICAT & etc. Especially how to document, to get more record & to Dx. The high light of the course was how to adjust in details the orthotic in a way you cannot imagine....I don't know, how I can thank you Dr. Chan: you are an amazing mentor & an EXPERT, to show us all your experience about gnathology.  It wasn't at all a basic level 2, as you say,  it is really an advanced NM.  I' m looking forward to the next level in 2 months." Fary Yassamy, D.D.S., San Marino, California


"Dr. Chan was fabulous, well organized, on topic and informative....a study club atmosphere...excellent presenter and engaging." - Dr. Byron Blasco, Las Vegas, NV


"The diagnostic principles presented were fantastic and very thorough. They completely saved me yesterday with a new patient that has bounced around to many dentists and endodontists over the past 3 years complaining of pain that could not be diagnosed. She was almost resigned to “just having to live with it” and came to me for one last opinion. If I had not taken the time to collect the proper data (TMJ questionnaire, Sonography and visual exam) as well as PULLING information from the patient I would not have been able to assign her complaints to TMD.  I was able to give the patient hope and feel confident that I can help her! I appreciate the orthopedic approach to diagnosis and treatment that Dr. Chan is teaching and highly recommend this course." - Dr. Gregg Ueckert, Austin, TX


"A must for all NM docs. As most of you may know last week we had our first Level 2 "Diagnostic Principles" course at OC. The growth of knowledge may be compared to the ever-expanding ripples that are set in motion where a stone is dropped into a quiet body of water. Last weekend for the first time I witnessed significant concepts of etiology, functional pathology, differential diagnosis, behavior of joints, muscles and bones, and scan interpretation, never thought before in this amazing course.  The conception, implementation, development , and ultimately delivery of the material in this course was achieved through the combined efforts of some of the pioneers of NMD such as Jim Gary, Bob Jankelson and a great deal of Dr Chan's long time research and proven clinical experiences.  The material was presented in a logical sequence, systematic and provided us with the pertinent information to perform a proper diagnosis and with confidence.  As I said before this course is a must for all NM docs." - Ramin Mehregan, D.M.D., Canton, MA


"Given my years of experience, I am always amazed at how much I learn form Clayton at every step of my journey.  Russell's content was a pleasant surprise.  There are few who can create an environment of learning so relevant, so engaging, so well presented....Clayton has succedded to do this in spades." - Lawrence Stanleigh, B.Sc, M.Sc., D.M.D., Calgary, Alberta 


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